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Keratin treatment reviews covering BKT, Keratin Smoothing Treatment, Coppola Keratin Treatment & Simply Smooth Straightening Treatment.

Brazilian Hair Straightening Treatments are a serious investment— and there are a lot of treatments to choose from– reading keratin treatment reviews can help you choose the right treatment for you.

keratin treatment reviews

A keratin treatment is an excellent option for those who don’t have the time to straighten and blowout their hair every day, and is a long lasting, relatively cost-efficient method for those who can’t afford to get their hair professionally done on a regular basis.

Of course, no magic is without a price: the 450-degree iron that seals in the formula is one hot piece of machinery capable of doing some serious heat damage if wielded incorrectly. And the formula itself often contains formaldehyde, a carcinogen that can cause eye irritation and coughing if inhaled and threaten the stylist’s health.

Since no major American companies are selling it, the Brazilian keratin industry in the US is fairly unregulated so it’s important do to your homework. Always have a brief interview with your stylist before you set up a date to get a keratin hair treatment. Ask your stylist what solution they use, how many clients they’ve performed it on, and how long they’ve been practicing it to make sure you get the most experienced and knowledgeable stylist you can find. Keratin smoothing treatment reviews will tell you to make sure you get a good stylist—it could be the difference between good hair and a fashion emergency.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment Reviews

The Brazilian Keratin Treatment brand, also known as BKT, is manufactured by famed cosmetologist Marcia Teixeira and has begun regional US distribution, meaning that the product is not simply imported by salons. The BKT has a range of different treatments: original, chocolate, soft, and soft chocolate; each of which correspond to a different level of frizziness and curliness. The original is recommended for fine to medium textured hair and softens gentle curls, while at the other end of the spectrum the chocolate treatment is used on those with very tight curls and coarse hair. The soft and soft chocolate treatments are formaldehyde-free, while the previous three are not.

One customer writes, “I had the process done Thursday and washed it today (3 days) and am ABSOLUTELY AMAZED! My hair looks and feels SO good, I am simply SO impressed and it was worth every penny! I used the shampoo and conditioner and it was wonderful! I went from shower to hairdryer to done. This is going to be an amazing hair-stress free summer! YAY!”  ( Another customer swears by it: “I am very impressed by the BKT, and no doubt that it is a miracle treatment. When the 12-14 weeks that the treatment is supposed to last are over, I will definitely go back for more, as the more you do it, the better the condition of your hair. The verdict? BKT rocks!” (

Keratin Smoothing Treatment Reviews

Keratin Complex Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment eliminates up to 95% of frizz and curl, encasing the hair follicle in protective keratin. It typically lasts for 3-5 months. One reviewer writes, “No more wild hair…I have had the treatment done two times and LOVE IT…I have had many other treatments and nothing has worked like this one…It makes getting ready easy in less time than it does to take a shower” (Gloria R.,

Not all reviews are this glowing, however. Nikki of writes that her Keratin Smoothing Treatment achieved hair that was “smooth and straight…but flat came with it. I’m able to blow-dry my hair straight in less than 15 minutes (as opposed to 25-30 minutes previously plus time with a round brush and/or iron). However, my hair is completely flat and doesn’t hold any styling I now do with a round brush or curling iron…I’m hoping that as the treatment gradually fades out of my hair, I’ll hit a better balance of straightness & volume. If not, I don’t foresee myself having this treatment done again.”

Coppola Keratin Treatment

Coppola Keratin Treatment Reviews

One of the more popular keratin treatments, the ubiquitous Coppola brand is offered by many high-end salons. Like BKT, Coppola Keratin Treatment bonds keratin to the outer layer of your hair cuticle to smooth, shine, and straighten each strand. Also like the other brands, it works on color treated and chemically processed hair.

Out of them all, it seems to get the most consistently positive reviews, such as that of LeMinx ( who writes, “In my opinion, this complex is an absolute God-send to those of us who have unruly hair. I would encourage anyone interested in it to thoroughly research it, pick a reputable, moderately priced salon and go for it. Also, be aware of the side effects of the chemicals and bear in mind that this isn’t going to completely straighten your hair. If just makes what you have a whole lot easier to manage.”

However, another reviewer found a few side effects: “I have only two complaints. First, being cost. This isn’t something so brilliantly wonderful that I’d spend $300 on it every two months. Luckily, if you’re handy and have a friend that can help, you can buy a bottle of the stuff online for half the cost of one treatment and get 2-4 treatments out of it depending on how long and thick your hair is. Secondly, I’ve noticed that my hair now gets oilier faster than before the treatment. I trained my hair/scalp to be able to wash my hair only once a week, and it was in excellent condition. Now, by day four, it’s pretty flat and oily and I have to wash it twice a week.” (Toxique,

Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment Reviews

This brand is one of the only formaldehyde- and chemical-free treatments available; although as more consumers become aware of the dangers of formaldehyde more products like these should come onto the market. However, like other natural products, it is a bit more hit-and-miss, with a lower staying-power than the more aggressive products that contain formaldehyde. One reviewer writes, “Overall, my hair is SO much easier to deal with after the treatment. Long before I had a perm or this straightening treatment, I could spend an HOUR or TWO in front of the mirror trying to flat iron my hair and within a couple hours my hair would be wavy again…Now, I spend under a half an hour doing my hair and it will stay straight, silky and smooth even if I sleep on it!And *GASP* I can get up the next morning, do nothing more than brush my hair and have it actually look good… That, my friends, is a miracle.” (

Another writes, “I noticed a difference immediately! Instead of getting crazy and curly, it was pretty and wavy and NOT frizzy at ALL! For the first time in my entire life, I washed it, air dried it, and walked out of the house without looking like a mad scientist! The treatment lasted for about 3 months, as promised, and I can’t wait to get another treatment. It really did change my entire hair life.” (

The Verdict: Coppola Keratin Treatment Reviews Are Consistently Good

As these keratin treatment reviews attest, the results of each brand will vary from person to person—just like any cosmetic. While it does seem that Coppola Keratin Treatment gets the most consistently positive reviews, keep this variability in mind. The best thing to do is be informed before you rush into any drastic hair treatment or pick a brand at random: research formula ingredients, read keratin treatment reviews, and grill your stylist—if they’re worth their salt, they’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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